2020 Annual Gathering

September 29

7 PM Business Meeting via Zoom.

Churches should have received information in July regarding the number of delegates whose names they can submit to vote during the business meeting.

Delegates will be notified in September of the Zoom instructions and will be provided the documents which will be presented for vote.

Delegates Names and Emails need to be submitted no later than August 31 by:
          Email to ritac.adams@abccr.org
          Mail to the Central Region Office
         Or online at: 

October 2- 3

Friday, October 2: 7-8 pm First Zoom Bible study

Saturday, October 3: 9-10 am Second Zoom Bible Study

Minister’s Council Meeting

The Minister’s Council annual meeting will meet
virtually October 1, 2020 at 3pm for a short business meeting
and presentation of the Legacy Award.
Following the meeting Pastor Matt Sturtevant will
lead us in a virtual retreat: We will gather together again for a Zoom meeting (3pm Oct 2) to share our experiences

Rules for Budget & Nominations

Recommended Rules for Budget & Nominations – Virtual Zoom Meeting:
Zoom instructions will be provided to delegates prior to the Business Meeting, along with the Proposed 2021 Budget and Ballot of Nominations

Budget will be available on the Region website (abccr.org) mid-September under the Annual Gathering tab and will be provided to delegates prior to the meeting, in accordance with the ABCCR Bylaws and Rules of Procedure.
Any proposed amendment to the budget must be given in writing to the Program Chair, Lois Chiles, at lchiles@kc.rr.com by 4:30 pm on Friday, September 25, 2020. An amendment must include necessary pluses and minuses so that the budget will remain balanced.
A simple majority vote is required for passage.

Ballot of Nominations
The ballot of nominees will be available on the Region website (abccr.org) mid-September under the Annual Gathering tab and will be provided to delegates prior to the meeting, in accordance with the ABCCR Bylaws and Rules of Procedure.
Nominations to the Program Chair must be for an office recognized by the Region Nominating Committee. A delegate making a nomination to the Program Chair must have secured the consent of the nominee prior to the nomination.
Nominations should be given in writing to the Program Chair, Lois Chiles, at lchiles@kc.rr.com by 4:30 pm on Friday, September 25, 2020, so the person making the nomination may be recognized.
A simple plurality vote cast for a nominee is required for election.

Definition of plurality – “the largest number of votes to be given any candidate when three or more choices are possible; the candidate receiving the largest number of votes has a plurality” (RONR, 11th ed., p. 404-405).


Additional Note: Area Elected Positions
A list of area-elected positions will be available on the Region website under the Annual Gathering tab once all the area information is received by the Region office.

Minister’s Council Meeting Details

Eyes of the Heart: Minister’s Council Fall Retreat
“…so that, with the eyes of your heart enlightened, you may know what is the hope to which he has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance among the saints…” (Ephesians 1.8)

The Apostle Paul uses an intriguing phrase here in his letter to the Ephesians: “the eyes of your heart.” By it, he seems to invite the Christians at Ephesus to see in new ways, experiencing physical things in a spiritual way. If they would open their eyes to the world around them, they would find their hearts also opened, and ready to embrace enlightenment, hope, and the riches of God’s glory. Author Christine Valters Paintner sees photography as a way to practice this spiritual seeing, in her book titled after Paul’s phrase:

“This journey into photography as a contemplative practice is a journey toward transfigured seeing, toward seeing the world as it really is. By bringing the camera to the eye and allowing an encounter with the holy to open our hearts, we have the possibility for a transformative potential from the photographic encounter. Look through the lens and imagine that it is a portal to a new way of seeing.”

This Fall, you are invited to share the same experience that Paul described to the Ephesians. The Minister’s Council has invited Pastor Matt Sturtevant (913) 558-3311 to lead a virtual retreat on this topic. Following a summer of sabbatical study of photography as a spiritual discipline, he now invites you to engage in this practice as well.

We will begin with a shared time together on Zoom (3pm Oct 1) in which Matt will share some concepts and Bible study around these practices. Then, he (and members of the Minister’s Council leadership) will invite you to participate in several “Solitude Sessions,” in which you explore on your own this practice of photography as a spiritual discipline. You will receive instructions (through the Minister’s Council Facebook page) that lead you through several individual retreat sessions of learning and spiritual practice. Fancy cameras are not required! As long as you can take a picture and see the result, a cellphone camera or digital point-and-shoot will work fine for the activities. A film camera will work for most of the activities, but immediate viewing of your pictures will be helpful for others. Following these individual retreat sessions, we will gather together again for a Zoom meeting (3pm Oct 2) to share our experiences. You are invited to share this time together with other clergy and family, as we all learn new ways to open the eyes of our heart to the riches of God in our world.


Bob Adcox

Kyle Evans

Kevin Hazelton

David Lee

Pamela Lee

Melissa Newberry

Clarence Newton, Jr.

Bible Study Leaders

Dr. Hartsfield II from Central Seminary

Rev. Hartsfield, II accepted God’s call into the preaching ministry in 1982. On January 16, 1983, Rev. Hartsfield, II preached his initial sermon at Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church of Kansas City, Missouri and quickly emerged as a sought-after preacher locally and across the country. During this tenure, he also has served in a variety of ministry roles within the institutionalized church.

He is the CEO of Field of Hearts Productions, a musical production company that began as joint venture between between he and his wife.

In 2009, Rev. Hartsfield, II became the first professor to be installed to the Fred E. Young Chair of Hebrew Bible at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. During its spring convocation, Rev. Hartsfield, II delivered the E.A. lecture The Bible Addresses Challenges of Urbanization: Hebrew Bible Foray into Selected Theological Issues, prior to the official installation ceremony. Fred E. Young served as Academic Dean and Professor of Old Testament at Central for 33 years. Dr. E.A. Freeman earned every degree offered by Central, was the first African-American to earn the Th.D., and first to serve on Central’s Board. Both Freeman and Young were firmly committed to theological education and racial inclusion. Rev. Hartsfield, II shares and builds on their commitment, especially to social justice issues related to urban congregations and their communities.

Dr. Wenyika from Ottawa University

Dr. Reggies Wenyika was named president of the OUMW region in May 2019.

He came to OU from Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Okla., where he has served as University president since 2014. Before that, he was provost and vice-president of academic affairs at SCU from 2008 to 2014. A native of Zimbabwe, he moved to the United States with his wife Dr. Bongi Wenyika and his two children Thembi and Kudzai in 2000 and has worked in higher education since arriving in the US.

He attended St. Ignatius College in Zimbabwe where he earned his Ordinary Level General Certificate of Education and Advanced Level Certificate of Education through the University of Cambridge. He received a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology from the College of Health and Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe and also received a Diploma in Ministerial Studies and a Bachelor of Religious Arts in Biblical Studies. Wenyika has a Master of Ministry from Southwestern Christian University, Master of Arts in Education Administration and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Oral Roberts University. He is currently working on his second doctorate degree, majoring in Theology.