Leadership Skills Training



4TEN is cutting edge leadership skills training for youth entering 10-12th grades during the fall.

4TEN was formed by the scripture I Peter 4:10. It exists to empower our youth to employ their gifts to serve Jesus and set an example.

Youth are not the leaders of the future; we need them to step up NOW in their local churches!

Do you know youth with a lot of leadership potential?

You may nominate them by sending their name, church, and phone number to Interim 4TEN coordinator, Rev. Jennifer Schneider at



Dates for 2021 are pending.

There are typically four events: one in the fall, winter, spring, and summer.


Location can vary:

Locations and dates for 2021 are pending.



  • Students who are chosen for this program are young people who love Jesus and are willing to grow in their relationship with Christ.
  • Students do not need to feel a call to full-time ministry but do have the gifts and desire to be leaders in their own churches.
  •  Youth will be asked to have a partner from his/her local church.
    • This person will help the youth take what he/she has learned and put them into practice at home.
    • This person isn’t required to be present at any of the events but he or she will be asked to meet with the youth and be willing to receive emails from the 4TEN leaders with information about what the youth have been doing.