Why Join the Ministers Council?

The Ministers Council is the professional organization for American Baptist pastors, chaplains, licensed lay ministers, seminarians and ministerial students. It serves as a collegial support network promoting effective and healthy ministerial leaders.

You’ve been there. You invite a new attendee to take the next step and become a member of the church. The person counters your invitation by replying, “I’m not sure I want to join. It seems like all the church wants is my money — besides, I can already receive the benefits of the church without joining. What is becoming a member going to do for me?”

  The Ministers Council

Interestingly enough, as much as we dread hearing those words from potential church members, some of those same words escape our mouths when invited to join the Ministers Council. “What’s it going to do for me? Is it really worth paying the dues if I can already receive all the benefits?”

Whether it is joining the church or joining the Ministers Council, we all need to become part of something bigger than ourselves. It expands our world and allows us to gain from the strengths of others. The Ministers Council is the professional organization for American Baptist pastors, chaplains, licensed lay pastors and ministry students. Becoming a member is to join in relationship with other Christian leaders like ourselves.

The Ministers Council Provides
Community for Its Members

• Encourages clergy health
• Promotes collegial groups
• Encourages others in ministry
• Upholds the high standard of clergy ethics
• Works together to promote skills
• Helps overcome isolation
• Promotes self-awareness
• Promotes accountability
• Promotes education and focused study
• Creates national network
• Provides ministerial resources
• Promotes a strong connection to the American Baptist Churches USA
• Gives voice to the local clergy and provides advocacy in the wider denomination
• Provides collegiality and helps bi-vocational pastors, chaplains and seminarians connect with others of their chosen profession


Contact your Region President or National Representative with any questions, comments or suggestions.

President: Rev. Tim Schwartz

Ministers Council National Rep: Rev. Steve Neal

National Executive Director: Rev. Dr. Debora Jackson
800-222-3872 ext. 2333

National Office Administrator: Joyce Moon

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