Legacy Award
Rev. Harry Fink

Every year for the past five years, the ABCCR Ministers Council Executive Committee selects from among Central Region clergy, one whose life and ministry exemplifies faithful Christ-like service which portrays the legacy of a life given in service to Christ and His church. This year’s Legacy Award was presented to Rev. Harry Fink.

Ordained by the First Baptist Church of Omaha, Neb., in August of 1973, Harry has continued in faithful service for over four decades. After serving as Associate Pastor in Omaha, Harry became the pastor of First Baptist Church of Stilwell, where he served for seven years. He then moved to Meade, Kan., where he provided 26 years of pastoral service to the First Baptist Church in that small Western Kansas town. While there he served on the Region Board of Directors, the Region Council on the Ministry and various area and associational positions.

After retiring in January, 2009, Harry and Barb moved to Salina where he continued to be active in ministry, serving as the Interim Pastor of the Ada/Minneapolis parish, providing pulpit supply for area churches and mentoring a new generation of pastors and Christian workers.

Rev. Fink was honored at the 2017 ABCCR Clergy and Spouse Dinner and received the Legacy Award,“for Exemplary Life and Ministry Demonstrating Faithful and Christ-Like Service.”

Past recipients:
Rev. Larry Oyer – 2013
Rev. Vera Goodman – 2014
Rev. Lynne Smith – 2015
Rev. Cathy Carlson - 2016


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