"Walk the Bridge"

Cross Wind Makes a Difference, Will You?

Several years ago Cross Wind Conference Center offered a limited challenge campaign called “Build the Bridge.”  The purpose was to raise awareness and dollars for some exciting improvements to the Central Region’s premier conference and camp facility. 


With the success of that campaign one can now see a noticeable difference.  A new first-rate playground for campers, renovated rooms for conference center guests, the development of beautiful natural prairie grasslands, an open-air chapel at the end of the Martyr’s Trail commemorating the sacrifice of the Hopevale Missionaries who were martyred during WWII, an ADA compliant handicap accessible guest room and a new elevator are some of the improvements to be seen.  Truly, we have Built a Bridge to open the way from one generation to another.  But as is true with anything we build; it needs to be maintained.

Hence, the Central Region Camp and Conference Board is offering a new challenge to “Walk the Bridge” and provide for the ongoing support of this vital ministry that is Cross Wind Conference Center.  Two hundred donors are needed to give a sustaining gift of just $50 per month to make certain Cross Wind continues to be the incredible place God uses to touch and form young lives with the Gospel of Jesus, strengthen and encourage adults and families as they seek a place to draw closer to Christ and renew and refresh pastoral leaders who seek to hear the voice of the Spirit in the quiet of God’s creation.  There are already 72 Partners who have made the $50/month pledge.  Will you become a Partner as well and help “Walk the Bridge” in support of this vital ministry?  Cross Wind Conference Center depends on the support of faithful American Baptists to make this piece of our ministry together something that makes an eternal difference. 

For more information, contact Dr. David Schirer, Executive Director, at 620/327-2700 or .  Send your tax-deductible $50 monthly pledge to:

Walk the Bridge
Cross Wind Conference Center
8036 N. Hoover Rd.
Hesston, KS  67062

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