How Do We Support American Baptist Missions?

There are a number of ways churches provide mission support for the work and ministry we do together as American Baptists. 

United Mission is our primary way of providing financial support for all we do as American Baptists. A portion of UM giving supports the six institutions of the Central Region (Central Seminary, Ottawa University, Bacone College, Murrow Indian Children’s Home, Sunset Home and Prairie Homestead). Another portion of UM giving supports our wider denominational ministries including International Ministries, National Ministries and ABC/USA denominational connections.

The final portion of UM giving supports the ministries we share together in the Central Region, including pastoral search assistance to local congregations, camping and youth ministries, mission education and leadership training opportunities, new church planting, support of Bethel Neighborhood Center and other ministries that provide nurture and encouragement to Central Region churches and clergy. The 2017-18 ABC/CR Budget illustrates how mission dollars are used for Central Region mission.

We also support American Baptist Mission through several special offerings throughout the year. In the Fall, the World Mission Offering is received to support the work of International Ministries and the missionary work being accomplished around the world. The America For Christ Offering is received in the Spring to support the work of American Baptist Home Mission Societies and the missionary work being carried out in the United States and Puerto Rico. Also, one third of the AFC remains in the Central Region to support vital ABC/CR ministries. The One Great Hour of Sharing Offering is our most effective way to provide emergency and ongoing financial aid in the face of natural disaster and devastation. In recent years, OGHS funds have been distributed to victims of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf; the tornado that struck Greensburg in 2007; Hurricane Ike in Texas in 2008; and most recently, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering is a special offering received each winter as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to retired ministers and missionaries for years of faithful service to the cause of Christ. The ABC/CR Region Offering is another way Central Region Baptists support the ministries of the Central Region. 100% of gifts given to the Region Offering are used to support the ministry and mission of the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region.

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