May 6, 2019

Dear Central Region Family,

A few weeks ago, I read some words from St. Augustine who said, “God wants to give us something but cannot, because our hands are full – there’s nowhere for God to put it.” At the time, I began to think about a number of different situations where these words apply to my life.

For years, the Central Region Camp and Conference Corporation, which oversees and directs the operation of the Cross Wind Conference Center, has faced difficult financial realities. Cross Wind has gradually accumulated over $400,000.00 in operational debt over the past 25 years while having a director who diligently and faithfully works to manage the facility yet takes no pay for his services. A large expenditure for an elevator ($150,000.00) plus winter operational expenses when activities at Cross Wind slow down contribute to our negative cash flow. Our hands have been full with these very difficult financial realities.

On April 26, 2019, the Central Region Camp and Conference Corporation made the difficult decision to begin the process of putting the Cross Wind Conference Center in Hesston, KS, on the real estate market. This decision came after months and years of discussions. The decision was brought to the Central Region Board Meeting on May 3, 2019, and the Central Region Board affirmed this decision. There are currently no offers for the property. We don’t believe this decision will affect any planned events at Cross Wind for 2019. Until the property is sold, we will continue to use the facility as we have in the past and encourage your ongoing support and involvement in the ministries that happen through Cross Wind.

Cross Wind has been instrumental in how God has shaped the faith of so many in the Central Region. It will always remain holy ground for us, but it seems God is wanting to put new opportunities in our hands. In order for that to happen, we must be willing to let go of Cross Wind.

The Central Region Camp and Conference Corporation and Central Region Board has wrestled with this decision in admirable ways. They have been prayerful, thoughtful, creative, and realistic. Please continue to pray for them as we move ahead. Thank you for your faithfulness to God through this impactful ministry.


Gregg L. J. Hemmen