Kansas Baptist Convention Foundation, Inc.

The Kansas Baptist Convention Foundation, Inc., is the investment arm of the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region.  (It was founded in 1959, when we were known as Kansas Baptists.) There are many ways that we can help you to financially support the ministries that you love.

Spread Large Donations Over Many Years for maximum help to the operating funds.  There have been persons who wanted to give rather large sums to their church but wanted to have the church receive only $XXX every month instead of all at once.  The money was given to KBCF (the donor could claim the entire amount as a contribution that year), and a check is written to the church every month from those funds.  This was done quite a few years ago, and the church will continue to receive for quite a few years in the future.  It is a win-win for everyone.

Tax Free IRA Distbution
During the years that the Internal Revenue Service allowed up to $100,000 to be transferred tax free from an I.R.A. to a non-profit organization, we were able to help benefit local churches, International Ministries, AB Women’s Ministries efforts to stop trafficking around the world, educational institutions and neighborhood centers.  The money was transferred directly to KBCF, and then checks were written to the various organizations according to donors wishes.  This may be allowed again, but at the present time Congress has not passed it.

Provide Earnings on Investments From ABCCR and Some Churches
Our return on investments through the years has been very good, although we have rather strict guidelines as to where money can be invested.  Several years ago, the ABCCR Board voted to invest a designated amount in funds that were more speculative and managed to receive much needed funds for operating expenses.

Charitable Gift Annuities
One of the better known ways to support all kinds of ministries is the Charitable Gift Annuity.  These provide income for the beneficiary for life, and then it goes to the ministry that the donor chose at the time he/she purchased the C.G.A.  Many have chosen to use Charitable Gift Annuities to provide birthday, anniversary or Christmas presents to children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren.  In this way, they will receive gifts for a lifetime, even after the donor has gone to his/her reward.  It’s a wonderful reminder of the donor’s desire to support God’s work.  At the 2014 Mid-Winter Missions Conference, Sue Metcalf testified how wonderful it was to receive an unexpected gift from an annuity that designated Forest Hills Church, Bella Vista, AR.

As the Director of Planned Giving, the KBCF allows me the opportunity to also assist persons in determining which assets should be given to ministries and which to family for the best tax benefits for all.  With over 40 years experience in tax preparation, I’m very familiar with inheritance/gift taxes, as well as income taxes and would welcome the opportunity to talk with you individually as to how to accomplish your goals for the financial blessings God has provided for you.  Everyone plans what they will give, even if it’s just the regular church offering, so why not plan a little further into the future?

I am also available for seminars on numerous financial subjects.  There is no obligation or cost for my services , so please feel free to contact me.

To contact Rev. Wilma Engle, Director of Planned Giving, click here.

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