Central Region Staff

Executive Staff

KutterDr. Joe Kutter Interim Executive Minister Contact
Nathan Marsh Dr. Nathan Marsh Associate Executive Minister Contact
Mike Justice Rev. Mike Justice ABCCR Region Staff Minister Contact
Julie Robinson Rev. Julie Robinson ABCCR Region Staff Minister Contact

Specialized Ministry Staff

James Blake Rev. James Blake Director of Camping Contact
Wilma Engle Rev. Wilma Engle Director of
Planned Giving
Dr. Joe Kutter Dr. Joe Kutter Director of
Interim Ministries

Adjunct Staff

Jim Autrey Rev. Jim Autrey Pastor to Pastor Contact
Bev Fink Bev Fink Risk Management Education Contact
Cheryl Harader Rev. Cheryl Harader Women in Ministry Contact

Support Staff

Martha Robbins Martha Robbins Communications Coordinator Contact
Rita Adams Rita Adams Financial Administrator Contact