Meet the 2018-2019 4TEN
Youth Leadership Team!

Ethan Alcorn, FBC, Junction City; Keyon Baccus, FBC, Minneapolis; Sally Boese, FBC, McPherson; Lawson Collins, FBC, Chanute; Hannah Deware, FBC, Atchison; Brycen Ellis, FBC, Chanute; Gabriella Fast, FBC, Ottawa; Jessamine Greuter, West Side, Topeka; Jekiah Jones, Second Missionary, Junction City; Jacie Myers, FBC, McPherson; Jauni Reeves, FBC, Abilene; Rebecca Schrodt, FBC, Coffeyville; and Amanda Snedeker, FBC, Winfield.

4TEN is Christian Leadership Training put on by American Baptist Churches of the Central Region for 10-12th graders. If you have what it takes to be a Christian leader, we encourage you to apply for selection into this program. 

The current team is made up of 13 students from 11 different churches around Kansas. Please encourage, support and pray for them, as well as their sponsoring churches.

4TEN Leadership Training

4TEN offers leadership skills training for youth entering 10-12th grades during the fall.

NOTE: Members of 4TEN gave leadership to the Central Region mission trip to Alaska in 2018.

4TEN is cutting edge leadership skills training for youth entering 10-12th grades during the fall.

4TEN was formed by the scripture I Peter 4:10. It exists to empower our youth to employ their gifts to serve Jesus and set an example.

Youth are not the leaders of the future;
we need them to step up NOW in their local churches!


“4TEN brings youth together from churches in our Region for discipleship and leadership training. In 4TEN, we are partnering with local churches in developing young leaders who will serve in their churches. In the three retreats, we focus on Christian leadership, spirituality, the mission of God and theological reflection. The next 4TEN group begins in Oct. 2018,” said Region Staff Minister Julie Robinson.

Do you know youth with a lot of leadership potential? You may nominate them by sending their name, church (they don’t have to be members of your church), and phone number to Julie Robinson. 


5833 SW 29th St.
Topeka, KS 66614
(785) 272-7622
Fax: (785) 272-5860